It’s fine.

“It’s fine. I mean it’s not fine. But it’s fine” That has been my go to phrase lately. To be real, the last 4 months of my life have been filled with some pretty life altering shit. Some great, most of it…not so great. It’s all basically come to a head in the last 2 … More It’s fine.

I am angry.

After spending a week in a small room with 12 other people I had just met working on counseling skills, I learned a lot about committing to emotion. We tend to say we’re “kinda upset”, “maybe a little bit sad”, etc. I have no problem now committing now to the phrase, I am angry. Let … More I am angry.

Learning to Laugh

“Laugh loudly, laugh often, and most important, laugh at yourself” – Chelsea Handler  I think as we get older we start taking ourselves a bit too seriously. We get bogged down in the to-dos of life, weighed down by responsibilities to work, school, significant others, friends and all other people and things fighting for our … More Learning to Laugh

Yumtastic Apple Pie

Today the world lost a wonderful woman, my great grandmother Alice, it only seems fitting that I am cooking a delicious home-cooked meal for all my friends. Here’s to you grandma. Yumtastic Apple Pie Ingredients Pie crust (make your own or use store bought if you’re feeling a little less ambitious) 1/2 cup unsalted butter … More Yumtastic Apple Pie